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Welcome to the Dirty Vegas Unofficial Fansite.

Dirty Vegas Award Nomination Alert!!!

VH1 is holding an online poll to pick three
nominees for this year's Visonary Video!
Dirty Vegas needs your help!

Click here to go to the voting page at VH1.com
& vote for Dirty Vegas!

Contest Alert!!!
update: Contest signup is back on!
Thanks to the generous people at SoulKool, The DVUF (thats us) is able to
give away tons of free stuff!!! Limited Edition singls, remix CD's, stickers and more!
-Click Here For The Full Details!!!-

New Question: Who is the younger breakdancer in the "Days Go By" video?

Answer: Hi Chuck,

The younger dancer's name is Garland.


Thanks Again Rita!

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Thanks to many emails, I've linked to the correct lyrics for the new album:
Click Here for Proper Lyics.

The New Album is released! DIrty Vegas' self titled debut US album is now available in stores. Check out user reviews from amazon.com here. There is also a track list at CD Now, click here for that. (I've heard sales have been great!)

Who is Dirty Vegas?

Dirty Vegas is an electronic band you've probably first heard on a Mitsubishi commercial currently getting heavy air play on the networks. The song is called Days Go By. You can check out the video by clickinge here.

Dirty Vegas is comprised of Paul Harris (keyboards/production), Steve Smith (vocals, guitar, and percussion), and Ben Harris (guitars, production).

I want to send you info/links/pics of Dirty Vegas, where do i send it?

mail me at chuckzk@yahoo.com

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Dirty Vegas

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Days Go By Video
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